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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 20, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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for great viral radios "right this minute." a traffic cop confronts a truck driver. >> and then the truck takes off. >> the dramatic showdown as a fellow cop tries to save him. >> dang. >> a much different standoff between that. >> doggie and the ka crazy fight club. a 14-year-old kneels at a memorial and then begins to dance. >> he is dancing for his mother. >> the story behind the tribute in her honor. plus your chance to win a new ipad mini with today's buzzword. as christian, oli, nick and charity break down the best on the web including this daddy/daughter pep strong.
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internet. >> how a little morning motivation goes a long way. >> if you fall -- >> i get back up. >> i want ron to adopt me. >> right here in the middle of this communion service something totally unexpected happens. ? >> people start running. they've heard according to police, a man who was shot by two gunmen ran into this church in brazil. [ speaking foreign language ] >> at this point the priest is telling everybody to calm down. he said the people who fired to shoot are not here. the police are on the way. they want people to calm down, but after something like that happens in a place where you expect to have peace and joy,
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to calm down but they're doing the best they can. >> it's crazy to watch and see the children, that baby, the man holding that baby, the infant in his arms as this is going on. imagine how terrified people were. >> according to police they have id'd the two suspects but they have not been arrested or taken into custody yet. >> the guy who ran into the church to get away from these gunmen is he okay? what happened to him? >> there are no reports of fatalities from this incident. traffic police are trying to keep the peace on the and in russia we know that doesn't come easily sometimes, like for these two guys. here it is on a dirt road, these traffic police want to pull this truck over. one traffic cop gets out of the car, goes up to the truck and that's when the excitement starts. he gets up to the driver's side, the doors open and then the truck takes off. >> and he jumps in. >> kidnapping technically. >> they are at this gate, he is trying to close the gate so the police car can't get in. >> what the --
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the truck, mate? >> he realizes it, so the guy starts tossling with the officer. >> dang. i want to know what's in the truck. >> right. >> it's not what's in the truck the cops are interested in, they just pulled him over for a traffic violation. needless to say the man and his son are facing a criminal case. breaking and brawling it seems they go hand in hand. this first video it doesn't happen in a bar, it takes place wandered into the garden of a private home. at first glance you are like, wait a minute, is the bear in trouble. no, the bear is not in trouble, it is lazy i will laying in the backyard. >> he got ahold of a keg. >> no, fermented pears. >> and that's all you need. >> this wear is hung over. >> oh, man. >> the exact report is that it
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an adequate perception of reality as it sat on the grass. sounds like a great friday night to me. >> get a double cheeseburger, maybe a can a bob, urgently, i think. >> bacon sandwich. >> they realized it was in need of help so they called the authorities and the authorities came out to help it and kind of wake it up and it's like, oh, just lay leave me alone. i'm fine. that poor thing. they tapped on it just a little bit, poured water on it. >> poor thing. it's so >> they just decide to immobilize it so they can take it back into the wild and out of those folks backyard. they lay it on the grass and pour warm water on it, he's like, thank you, i appreciate it. >> so nice. >> and now for the brawling, this takes place in the streets. >> oh. >> australia, the doggie and the kangaroo. although this dog hasn't been
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outweighs him. the dog won't give up. then he was like, all right, enough of this, i'm bigger than you and then just chases it. we are at an air show where this is flying around the sky, painted beautifully. it's going real slow and low over the crowd at this point, once the gear goes up, though, going to kick up the speed a little bit. >> i lov >> i know. it's so fun to be at these air shows and see these majestic planes up close. >> a little bit further away, but as it comes around the corner here, there could be a problem. >> oh, wait. the thing disintegrates and you will see -- >> oh, my gosh. >> that was like wood. >> that was an rc plane. i will show you the take off here and the scale.
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about the owners and pilots here, must be very depressing for them. you see these guys just kind of hang their heads, tons of work, tons of man-hours and lots of money put into that thing just to see it turn into toothpicks. >> seemed like the tail fin pulled itself apart and that was all she wrote. >> something wasn't built right to sustain the forces and down she goes. >> is >> yes, i believe the paper pilot is just fine. >> okay. steven who matches on charleston's wcic is the latest winner on the give away. and patrice byrd is the laters winner of our flat screen
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be at least 21 years old and legal u.s.a. or canadian resident. >> the buzzword is coming up in just a little bit. >> stay tuned for the rtm ipad give away. the 14-year-old that you see here is dressed in traditional wasco a tear in completely lay. he is obviously at a roadside memorial, you hear the music in the background playing and then he dance. he's dancing for his mother. his mother was on her way home she was just roughly about 600 feet from getting there when a drunk driver hit her. the driver left her there. after she didn't come home for a while her son decided to go look for her and he's the one that found her on the side of the
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unattended for so long that she ended up not being able to survive her injuries. and that's why he is so heartbroken, because he knows if that driver just stopped and got her some help she may have survived. so now he's using this as an opportunity to create awareness and consciousness amongst the citizens of chile, urging them to not drink and drive. there was a hashtag that was created which means martine dancing alone much attention that people are talking about this and what he is trying to do. there is a twitter video where he is thanking people for giving this unintentional campaign a lot of attention. >> hopefully that brings some some list, some peace to what happened, that his video and gesture is getting the information out there that he wanted to. >> according to some reports a 48-year-old man was arrested in connection with this case. the case still under investigation, but martine hopes that this man pays for his
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just ahead, in more of today's new videos, it's an incredible sight when an iceberg makes a splash. >> look at this thing just tumbling over. >> but see why not everyone is on board for the cool adventure. and it's a prank that's truly shocking. simple trick sure to deliver a
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some of the seats can be taken, maybe you're standing up, you are put in there like sardines, which is fine as long as everything is going according to plan. bang. >> oh. >> bang. >> oh. >> yeah. >> this is a bus in russia, you can see the 30 passengers absolutely squeezed into this and as we were going down the road apparently up ahead there were construction equipment, they are calling it an auto loader made a movement that the driver wasn't expecting and runs right into it. which i think is someone hitting the about us from behind. this is one of those instances where you notice on every one that you were ever on there are no seat belts. you're kind of relying on just luck really and trusting that the driver and everyone else will know what they're doing, but accidents happen. everybody remaining very calm as well in this situation, but out of the 30 people on the bus they said that 17 of them required some sort of treatment at hospital. now, another sudden stop comes into play in this second
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you can see that the driver is following the two second rule which is not the rule that nick has when you drop food on the floor. so often when you're following a car you can only really see as far as the car in front of you. had he been able to see further this wouldn't have happened. suddenly the car in right in front of the one we're ride with hits the brakes, cuts left. oh. >> oh. >> did he sideswipe all those cars. >> he kind of missed two and eventually caught this one in the back right-hand part. no real warning for it to go from 70 miles an hour to zero. this car that jukes left, watch, i think it makes it all the way across the highway fine with a little clip, but this car eventually gets sandwiched out and that is all she wrote. in this case, no you, no serious injuries, just a bit of a shock to the system. >> [ bleep ]. >> what the had he can is wrong
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>> this video from rich ferguson is shocking. >> if you look inside my hand you can see there are some electronics, if you push the button you get this little flash. we are going to go play with wires at home depot. >> the great thing is it's home depot where you think all their wiring would be money. >> and it is. that's the thing, it is, they're just getting played. >> don't keep touching it. >> ah. >> don't do >> yeah, she looked at him like, you idiot. why do you keep touching it. >> [ bleep ] what the heck is wrong with this? [ bleep ]. >> he's like it's cardboard, it's paper. no. no. >> what's going on? >> it's like static. >> their brain is rationalizing it but they know it doesn't make sense yet they accept it.
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>> light bulbs, oh, my god. >> dude, these are the recharge abls, right? >> everyone is just like, oh, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. >> what are you going to do? i think i'm going to call a manager. >> call corporate asap. >> the video is chuck full of these pranks, heads on over to right this or you can check the whole thing out on our mobile app. who needs a boat for water skiing? >> that's awesome. >> this. >> see how they pulled off this creative stunt on the next "right this minute." and still to come, a baby shower gets even sweeter with a speech. >> four days ago i asked you to be my girl -- >> i he got himself to cry. >> see the perfect romantic surprise next. >> and the crowd goes wild.
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done i will take the floor. >> i will tell a story about when we first met or whatever. >> he saw her on instagram. >> i was like i don't know who this girl is in her picture, but when i see her, i have to have her. >> he knew she was the one. >> so when i first saw her, first time in my life i was speechless. >> so he spoke to her in noises, like dang, uh. she took his breath away. >> that's how i knew then that i wife. >> oh, he got himself to cry. >> oh. >> she walks over to his friends. >> the handoff. >> i asked you to be my girl four years and 44 days later i'm asking you to be my wife. >> he takes her by the hand, drops to one knee. >> will you marry me?
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>> congratulations. >> everybody is there you might as well get married. >> they already look cute, you're right, they have the venue, bring in the mariachi, everything is set. have you ever had some ice in your drink and you sat there and pond erred the world and watched those ice cubes tumble and float to melt. this is that on a massive scale. that's one big glass. >> huge, huge ice iceland. >> who knew that he had them there? >> right. look at this thing just tumbling over as it's equally changes as it tends to melt and slip over. it's an incredible sight for these tourists to see, be out there, watch the waves come towards the boat it. >> it gives you a sense of how big that iceberg s it's not what you see on top of the water like whipped cream on top of cocoa. >> always bear in mind td waves
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>> you seemed to be concerned about the waves. >> yes. >> as is the guy behind the camera. he asked the boat operator. >> is this dangerous? >> do we need a bigger boat? >> are you from here? >> should we go further away? >> don't worry, he gotcha. >> should we move further away from here? it's time to give away another ipad mini, to enter you will need the buzzword, be 21 years old and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head on over to "right this minute".com. >> enter the buzzword. >> so let's reveal tuesday's wusz word, it is "universe". >> get on over to "right this minute".com, click on the win ipad button and enter use's buzzword "universe".
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week we will be having a bonus give away day where one of you could walk away with a flat screen tv. wow. >> good luck, everyone. this little cutey is getting her daily doze of motivation. >> say i am strong. >> i am strong. >> why this adorable daddy/daughter moment is the perfect way to start the day. >> if you fall. >> i get back up. >> oh, i want ron to adopt me.
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can shred >> in this video ron and aleah are lighting up the internet because they're doing something a lot of us need most mornings. >> are you ready for school? >> yeah. >> is it going to be a good day? >> time to get pumped. a little morning motivation is on the way. >> say, i am strong. >> i am strong. >> say, i'm smart. >> i am smart. >> i work hard.
10:27 am
>> i am beautiful. >> i am beautiful. >> oh, i want ron to adopt me. i want to do this with ron every morning. >> yes, this video has all the feel and for me especially as a woman seeing this little girl with her dad an him affirming her before she walks out the door, did it. >> i am respectful. >> i am respectful. >> yes. say, >> nobody is better than me. >> nobody is better than me. >> i am amazing. >> i am amazing. >> dang. if that's how he's getting her ready for first day of school, this girl is going to be on point. >> i am great. >> i am great. >> what's your name?
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>> every parent on this needs to watch this video. >> if you fall -- >> i get back up. >> thank you god. >> thank you god. >> for making me. >> for making me. >> the greatest. >> the greatest. >> there's nobody. >> there's nobody. >> better. >> better. >> than me. >> than me. >> all right. high-fives. >> high tithes all around. kudos to you, >> that's our show. >> this is a fox news special report. >> look inside of the united nations general assembly where president obama is set to make his 8th and final speech to
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from fox news world headquarters in new york, hello, i'm gregg jarrett. the president expected to urge world leaders to except more refugees. he will be making his plea as recent attacks raises new questions about upcoming migrants. in a preview of the speech with reporters, his national security advisor said the speech will be a chance for the president to review the progress that has been made. secretary-general, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen, as i address this hall as president for the final time, let me recount the progress that we've made these last eight years. from the depths of the greatest financial crisis of our time we coordinated our response to avoid further catastrophe and return the global economy to growth. we have taken away terrorist
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non-proliferation regime, resolved the iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy. we opened relations through cuba. helped colombia and end latin america's longest war. and we welcomed a democratically elected leader of myanmar to this assembly. our assistance is helping people feed themselves, care for the africa, and promote models of development rather than dependence. we have made international institutions like the world bank and the international monetary fund more representative while establishing a framework to protect our planet from the ravages of climate change. this is important work.


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